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Microsoft Word Setup is a non-free commercial word processor designed by Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Office Setup Suite. Microsoft Word setup is currently the most common word processor on the market. And the file .doc/.docx format has become one of the popular format for text documents.

What is Microsoft Word Setup used for ?

MS Office Word Setup is a popular word-processing program used primarily for creating documents such as letters, brochures, learning activities, tests, quizzes and students’ homework assignments. There are many simple but useful features available in Microsoft Word Setup to make it easier for study and work. That’s why so many people would prefer to convert the read-only PDF to editable Word and edit PDF in Word.

Microsoft Word Setup
Microsoft Word Setup

Useful features in Microsoft Word Setup

Check document for spelling and grammar errors

After typing contents in the Word document, you can use the spell checker to find out those words that have typing errors so that you can correct them, and makes it easier to replace words or phrases through out the Word document by the Word recommendation.

You can access this command using this way: go to the Review tab, click Spelling & Grammar in the Proofing group.

Add Header, Footer and Page Number

To make it easier to organize Word contents well, Microsoft Word Setup does not only allows you to separate contents into different paragraphs based on topics, it also lets you add Page Number, Header and Footer to each Word page so that the readers can easily indicate the main subject and the position, where he or she is, in the Word document.

You can add Page Number, Header and Footer by these steps: go to Insert tab, find Header & Footer group on the top, click Header, Footer or Page Number to type information and settings.

Protect Word document with password

After typing contents in the Word document, you may want to set password to protect it. It is easy: click the Office button, go to Prepare, click Encrypt Document, type a password in the dialog box and then click OK.

Ever since man learnt to read and write, using symbols to communicate thoughts, ideas and messages, a need to invent systems that allow for the creation, formatting and storing of these texts, have existed. In the latter half of the 20th century the word processor was invented as a stand-alone machine that allowed for the typing and storing of text. With the advent of the Computer Age, dedicated software programs that married the functions of traditional word processing machines to the computer, came into being.

One such word processing program was Microsoft Word Setup 1.0, which was first introduced to the world in 1983. Initially only capable of allowing a user to type text, store text and apply basic formatting to it, the program evolved over the next 30+ years. Around 14 versions later, we have Microsoft Word Setup 2010 and 2013, which can perform everything from desktop publishing to embedding videos.

Today Microsoft Word Setup is the most commonly used word processor in the world, acting as both the conduit and platform for business people, writers, journalists, students, desktop publishers and anyone wanting to communicate a message, create, format, store and share their ideas.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Word Setup to perform the above functions?

There are numerous programs that allow you to enter, save and share text. Many people use WordPad or Notepad, which are basic text editors that comes packaged with Microsoft Windows. Some people use Microsoft Excel Setup to create tables or even to type letters.

Microsoft Word Setup has been designed specifically for working with text: typing, formatting, storing and sharing documents. Tools that allow for easy, professional and complex document formatting, table creation, automatic text entry of frequently used words or phrases, editing graphics and photos, SmartArt and proofing tools, such as the spellchecker, are only a few of the reasons to use Microsoft Word Setup. It is the perfect solution for any project requiring the manipulation of text and graphics to communicate a message.

MS Word or Microsoft Word in technical terms is a Word Processor / Word Processing Application for Windows.

It helps in doing your day to day typing related tasks. E.g. you can type a single page letter or a multi page document using MS Word which can later be printed or shared with others.

  • MS word provides a lot of features to format your text and pages.
  • You can choose from predefined page size like A4, letter, legal or define your custom paper size.
  • Choose from many fonts for your text.
  • Choose from various styles for headings in your text. Create numbered or bulleted lists.
  • Add images or diagrams to your document.
  • Create cover pages for the book.
  • Create Table of contents which can be updated automatically if new content is added to the document.

How to start a document ?

Microsoft Word Setup is a word-processing application that can be part of the Microsoft Office suite or a stand-alone program installed on to your computer.

The program can be used to write letters and different types of documents that can include graphics and pictures. This guide explains how to open Microsoft Word and start a new document, using the Windows 7 operating system.

It will feature Microsoft Word Setup 2013 for PCs, and is slightly different to earlier versions of Word. A word processor included free with the Windows operating system is WordPad, which doesn’t have all the features of Word but does have some formatting features.

It can be found in the ‘Start’ menu under ‘Accessories’. Click on ‘All programs’ and then scroll to ‘Accessories’ folder.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to start a document in Microsoft Word Setup

Step 1: From the desktop or from your ‘Start’ menu, open Microsoft Word.
If the Word 2013 icon does not appear you can search for it, using the ‘Search programs and files’ box in the picture above.
Step 2: Microsoft Word will open up and present you with an option to select a document template, or a blank document.
Step 3: If you don’t want to use any of the templates on display, click on the blank document.
Step 4: A new blank document will open up ready for you to start typing.

A Quick Note about Microsoft Word 2016 Setup

Most people know that Microsoft Word is a word processing program used to create text documents. In fact, Microsoft Word Setup has become the measure for all word processing programs on the market today because of all the features and tools it offers. However, what a lot of people don’t realize about Microsoft Word is that it is more than a simple word processing program. It has also evolved into a basic desktop publishing program.

Not only can you create letters, memos, reports, and books in Microsoft Word, you can also create flyers, brochures, posters and other types of publications that require graphics as well as text. The tools available in Word allow you to do more than just insert images and graphics. You can also crop, adjust color, and remove backgrounds to create the publication that you want – all without having to touch a photo or graphics editing program.

What’s New in Microsoft Word Setup 2016

With each new version of Word, we see new tools and features that make creating, editing, and organizing documents even easier. Word 2016 is no exception.

  • Listed below are some of the improvements and changes you can look forward to seeing in MS Word 2016 Setup :
  • Share documents easier than ever before. You can now share a document by clicking on the Share button in the Ribbon.
  • Work with others simultaneously by using the new co-authoring feature.
  • Real-Time Typing. The co-authoring feature goes hand in hand with real-time typing. As you work within a document, you can see what others are doing in the document, as well as view the changes they make.
  • New chart types.Treemap, Waterfall, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst are some of the new chart types in Word 2016.
  • View previous versions of a document. You can now view historical versions of your documents.
  • Smart Lookup allows you to fact check parts of your document. All you have to do is highlight the term you want to check. You will see the search results in Word.
  • Tell Me. Tell Me is a feature that allows you to tell Word what you want to do. This feature will guide you through the steps you need to take to complete the task.
  • Ink Equations. Inserting math equations in your document is even easier in Word 2016. You can simply go to Insert>Equation>Ink Equation whenever you want to put an equation into your document. With a touchscreen device, you can write the equations by hand. Word converts it to text for you. You can also write with your mouse.
  • Shape Formatting. Now you can choose from preset fills and theme colors to make inserting shapes from the Shapes gallery easier and faster.

The Differences Between Microsoft Word Setup 2016 for Mac and Microsoft Word Setup 2013 for Windows

Not long before the windows version of Word 2016 was released, the 2016 version of Word for Mac was released as well. In the past, the Word for Windows and Word for Mac looked like very different beasts. Word 2011 for Mac, for example, still had the feel of the old Word for windows before the invention of the Ribbon. However, they look more alike in the 2016 versions.

How To Use Mail Merge in MS Office Word 2016 Setup

  • To create mailing lists, envelopes, labels, and merge mail lists, you will go to the Mailings tab on the Ribbon.
  • Create Envelopes and Labels
  • To format text for an envelope so you can print the envelopes with addresses and other information on them, go to the Mailings tab.
  • Select Envelopes from the Create group.
  • Enter the information for the envelope.
  • Fill out the information, then print or add to the document.
  • You can also click Options to set the envelope size and printing options.
  • You will see the same dialogue box when you create labels. Enter the information for your labels and either add it to the document or print it.

The Document Inspector

The Document Inspector lets you check your documents for hidden properties and personal information before you share it with other people. Since you may share your document and have lots of people viewing it, it is nice to make sure all your personal or private information is also not out there for everyone to see.

Protect Document and Restrict Editing

Microsoft Word 2016 also lets you protect your documents so that nobody else can edit, reformat, or make changes to your it. This is nice if you are creating a document or file for work and you do not want changes to be made. You can also restrict access so that only people you choose can view your document.

  • To protect your document:
  • Go to Review tab in the Ribbon.
  • Select Restrict Editing from the Protect group.

A dialogue box will open on the right side of the screen. From there, you can name the restrictions, as well as decide when you will start enforcing them.

Password Protect

  • Microsoft Word Setup 2016 gives you the ability to password protect your documents to keep unauthorized people from viewing them.
  • To password protect a document:
  • Click the File tab, then click Info on the left, then click the Protect Document button.
  • Choose Encrypt with Password from the dropdown menu.

Enter a password in the text field, then click OK. Just remember that you will not be able to recover the password, so make sure it is one you can remember.