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Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 Setup includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote 2016. A subscription to Office 365 Home Setup, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access, for installation on up to five PCs/Macs and five phones.

Office Home and Student 2016

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 Setup suite for Windows is still the company’s bread-and-butter product when it comes to revenue, even though it is moving away from a Windows-specific platform focus.

This has led to the release of Office for Android and iOS before Windows Phone, and Mac before Windows, as is the case with the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 Setup.

Once you’ve gone through the process installation process you will have Microsoft’s latest versions of Access, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, and Word all installed. It’s important to note that these programs aren’t available separately and must be downloaded as a package.

If you are fond of the previous version of the program it is worth noting that you won’t be able to run Office Setup 2013 side-by-side with 2016, so on a work machine this could be worth taking into account.

At first glance, Word’s look and feel is pretty similar to the 2013 version, albeit a touch more colorful with “Word Blue” topping the Ribbon interface. The icons are arranged slightly differently, but the main options remain the same.

The biggest visible addition is the Tell Me box, which is more than just a searchable help menu. For example, type “comment” and it will suggest the Insert Comment feature but, instead of telling you how to insert a comment, it will do it for you automatically. This feature is also found in Excel and PowerPoint.

The second major addition is real-time document editing, meaning you can see exactly what other people who are working on the document are doing on the screen. This feature was already available for Office Online.

Other new Word features include a Store where you can download apps for Microsoft Word, as well as simplified Save As location options, and email addresses being added to cloud accounts such as OneDrive to avoid confusion with on-premises options.

Excel has a slightly streamlined menu, but the interface is basically the same as the previous version. While you may not be able to see any surface changes, those who use Excel to work with a lot of data, will be pleased to know that Microsoft has enhanced its business intelligence (BI) functionality.

The company has integrated several of its BI add-ons that were only available separately in previous versions of Office.These add-ons include Power Query, which allows business users to surface relevant data more easily without input from IT (known as self-service BI).

Power View, which allows users to more easily build reports from the data they have surfaced. There are also a variety of new graphs and charts to choose from, including Tree Map, Sunburst, Waterfall, Box & Whisker, and Histogram & Pareto.

There are several changes Microsoft has made that aren’t visible to the eye, but that will help protect data from getting into the wrong hands, as well as accessibility enhancements, and improvements for IT managers looking to deploy the suite.

Works for you

Stay on task with Office 64-bit with new, faster ways to achieve the results you want. Simply tell Word, Excel, or PowerPoint what you want to do, and Tell Me will guide you to the command.

Smart Lookup uses terms you highlight and other contextual information in the document to deliver search results from the web, all within the document.

Use one-click forecasting to quickly turn your historical data into an analysis of future trends. New charts help you visualize complex data.

Office moves with you

From work to your favorite café, stay connected to what’s important friends, family, and projects across all of your devices. Use touch for reading, editing, zooming, and navigation.

Write notes or make annotations using digital ink. Easily save to your cloud storage and switch from one device to the next without missing a beat. Office apps pick up right where you left off, regardless of the device you were using.

Perfect with Windows 10

Office 2016 plus Windows 10 is the world’s most complete solution for getting things done. Say “Hello” just once and Windows will log you into your PC and Offic all in one simple step.

Bring Cortana to your Office to help you get things done. Let Cortana with Office 365 integration help with tasks like meeting prep. Office Mobile apps on Windows 10 are touch-friendly, fast, and optimized for on-the-go-productivity.

Best Office value

Office 365 Setup flexible subscription plans let you pick the option that’s right for you. Choose an individual plan or one for the whole household. Office 365 Setup includes the new Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 Setup apps for PC and Mac, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.

Features and Benefits : Office Home and Student 2016 Setup

Office Home and Student 2016
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 Setup comes with a user-friendly interface, intuitive tools, and time-saving features, so that you can create informative presentations, assignments, take down important notes, and share files with your friends, colleagues, and family. This kit includes fully-installed versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • Office Home and Student 2016 Setup is made to help you achieve more with time-saving features, a new modern look, and built-in collaboration tools. Plus, you can save your documents in the cloud on OneDrive and access them from anywhere.
  • Microsoft’s Office 2016 suite for Windows is still the company’s bread-and-butter product when it comes to revenue, even though it is moving away from a Windows-specific platform focus.
  • This has led to the release of Office for Android and iOS before Windows Phone, and Mac before Windows, as is the case with the Office 2016.
  • Office 2016 makes it easier to share documents and work with others at the same time.Improved version history lets you refer back to snapshots of a document during the editing process. Share right from your document with a click of a button. .
  • Review, edit, analyze, and present your Office 2016 documents across any of your devices from your PC or Mac to your Windows, Apple®, and Android™ phones and tablets.
  • One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac
  • Classic 2019 versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Microsoft support included for 60 days at no extra cost
  • Licensed for home use
  • Good for power users
  • Tell Me is incredibly useful
  • New colors are aesthetically pleasing
  • Fully installed Office 2016 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
  • Supports – Windows: 7, 8.1, 8, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, easily save your documents with OneDrive cloud storage.

Smart Lookup– Like an in-app search engine. Smart lookup, powered by Bing, finds information from the web while you still remain in the application. No need to jump around screen to quickly find out information.

New Themes lets you choose the experience that’s right for you.Co-authoring in Word and PowerPoint enables simultaneous editing from different devices, and Graphs in Excel help you find the best way to story with business data.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 Setup , with its advanced features, makes working on your computer easy and hassle-free. It gives you access to many well-known desktop applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, making it perfect for presentations and other official assignments. You can also share, present and work on projects more conveniently with your colleagues, thanks to the cloud storage provided by OneDrive.